Yreka, California, Siskiyou County (1884)

Fred A. Walpole's birdseye Map of Siskiyou County, California, from 1884.
Siskiyou County, Cal. Birdseye Map
Siskiyou County, Cal. Birdseye Map image detail
Date: 1884
Author: Fred A. Walpole
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Fred Walpole made only two birdseye maps that I can track down, and one of them is this one of Yreka, California at the foot of Mt. Shasta.

It's technically quite proficient, and has a draftsman's eye for the variations in building ornamentation. The individual attention to each building is rather commendable. Even so, I found it lacking a little panache or something and leaving me cold.

(I'd better stop now, 'cause I'm sounding like a wine critic or something... and come to think of it, I just did that same, lame kind of b.s. pan that critics do when they want to hedge on why they don't like something. So I take it back. This is miles better than any birdseye I could draw, at any rate).

Mt. Shasta, like Mt. Fuji, has scores of people who single it out for being a particularly handsome mountain. I've not ever seen either, but I've heard many people rave on both. This is why Mt. Shasta is known as ”The Fuji of the West”.

[* Mt. Shasta is not known as “The Fuji of the West.” I just coined that, but let's see if anyone wants to pick it up and run with it...]

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