Map of Fictive Great Western Central City (1880s)

Birdseye Map of (Fictive) "Great Western Central City"

Map of (fictive) "Great Western Central City"
Birdseye Map of (Fictive)
Date: 1880s
Author: Kohfal
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Source: Library of Congress
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Don't know much at all about this map. The metadata at Library of Congress is pretty thin. If you can add to this, let me know.

This map is a fascinating one, and one that I wish I knew more about.

The Library of Congress lists this as a map of a fictive place, but doesn't say much more. If I were to make a guess, I would say that this was done by Welcke and/or Kohfahl as a demonstration piece to court potential clients.

This raises a couple questions, though, such as why they didn't just do a birdseye of an actual place as their spec example. Perhaps even more interesting is that the naming -- "Great Western Central City" -- might make it seem as though they might've done other examples. Maybe "Old New England Coastal City", or "Southern Agricultural City"?

A man can dream, anyway. If you have any insight, please do let me know.

Birdseye Map of (Fictive)