Gospel temperance railroad map (1908)

Gospel temperance railroad map

Gospel temperance railroad map (1908)
Gospel temperance railroad map (1908) image detail
Date: 1908
Author: G E Bula
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Source: Library of Congress
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This map isn't part of any series, but we have other religious maps that you might want to check out.

In honor of the 78th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition in the U.S., December 5th, 1933.

I love fictive maps, and propaganda maps, and this sits in the sweet-spot of Venn diagram of those two families.

I don't know much about the mapmaker a Mr./s. G. E. Bula, but the timing and the subject matter would put him/her within the era where the U.S. temperance movement really started to gain some steam.

Starting in the far left in "Decisionville" one may take the one single (literally) "straight and narrow path" and end up in the "Celestial City" (does that indicate that this map is Mormon, or have other groups used that phrase?) [not very likely... see comment section. -t59K]. I sure hope that if you take that path, you can get an express train, because most of the stops are either demonstrably lame, or have strange names that I'm afraid of finding out the meanings behind.

Now... not saying I want to live there, but I'm booking a ticket to "Prizefight City" on the shores of "Rumjug Lake". Maybe I'll just kick around there for a while... Take in some sights.

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