Delisle’s map of the Mississippi River (1702)

Guillaume de L'Isle (Delisle)'s Map of the Mississipi River, from 1702.

Map of the Mississippi River – Delisle
Map of the Mississippi River – Delisle image detail
Date: 1702
Author: Guillaume de L'Isle
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Another Guillaume Delisle map of the Mississippi River. He must've loved that river a lot. With maps like these, I like to zoom in, and just inch my way all the way to the bottom – cursing my monolingualism the entire way.

I wouldn't be surprised if this map was a repro. Something about it looks a little off, but I'll cop to being no kind of expert.

Unrelated: What would be the chances (and potential difficulties) that I, a thoroughly average swimmer in alright shape, can swim across the Mississippi River near St Louis? Anywhere from above the confluence to 10 miles south. Looking for an expert opinion... I've got no shortage of people offering uninformed horseshit.

From Archives du Dépôt des cartes et plans de la marine, Paris.

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