This Porcineograph, Satirical Illustration (1876)

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Map of a porciform United States, with individual pigs representing U.S. States. By Forbes in 1876.
This Porcineograph
This Porcineograph image detail
Date: 1876
Author: Forbes Lithograph Manufacturing Company
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This map isn't part of any series, but we have other maps tagged 'beautiful' that you might want to check out.

Not at all sure what to make of this. The pig has had long-standing use as caricature in lampooning any number of human shortcomings: greed, gluttony, sloth, cunning. So first-blush look at this and you're like ”whoa, they're sticking it to somebody”.

But then you look... and look, and look. And then, well, who're they sticking it to? It's just a well-illustrated, silly... thing.

Strange, and a bit sloppy: Check out the reversed-type in the pigs at top, right-of-center... that went to print? "Ah, hell... nobody'll notice".

If you know different, let me hear about it. I've lost sleep trying to find some meaning.

Edit: head over to Frank Jacobs' always-edifying Strange Maps for an in-depth analysis of this map.

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