Ortelius’ Map of Ireland (1598)

Hiberniae, Britannicae Insvlae nova descripto

Ortelius' Map of Ireland (1598)
Ortelius' Map of Ireland (1598) image detail
Date: 1572
Author: Abraham Ortelius
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Source: Library of Congress
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This map isn't part of any series, but we have other maps of the British Isles that you might want to check out.

Flemish mapmaker Abraham Ortelius made this map of Ireland in the late 16th Century.

Completely unrelated: My good friend John -- who is very proud of both his Irish ancestry and of being a firefighter -- got a tattoo that is a firefighter's cross superimposed on an Irish flag. I have always thought this tattoo admirable for its literalism and directness.

(If you're staring down with sadness right now at the zodiac sign tattoo that you and your buddy got to commemorate your bicycle trip across Europe, I say stop. Regret is a normal part of the human condition and you should embrace it without fear. In the words of local wise man and prophet Ed Boxx "4give yo self".)

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