Map of the Great Siberian Route (1903)

Fillipov's map of the great Siberian route, from 1903.

Map of the Great Siberian Route
Map of the Great Siberian Route image detail
Date: 1903
Author: Filippov
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This map isn't part of any series, but we have other railroad maps that you might want to check out.

A map of the Trans-Siberian Railway which spans an awesome 5,753 mi (9,259 km) in connecting its Westernmost station, the Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal [gmap], with its Easternmost, Vladivostok [gmap] in the Russian far east.

Now, I only went to a State school, and in my 12 hours of Russian, I got two “D”s. That said, I think this map is showing a spur to the west going to Warsaw. But like I said... I ain't the guy to trust on things like this.

[Matter of fact... my Russian is so bad, I won't even vouch for this being the Trans-Siberian. Hell, I won't vouch for it being Russian.]

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