Map of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico (1888)

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico: Map by Federico Drouyn in 1888.

Map of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico
Map of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico image detail
Date: 1888
Author: Federico Drouyn
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How much do I love this map of Mayagüez [gmap], Puerto Rico? Well, a tremendous amount.

I like seeing new topographic idioms any chance I get... but this map by Drouyn is just wonderful in composition and styling. I don't speak Spanish, but I suspect that it's pretty information-rich, as well. The bar on the right fifth, with inset/scale/expository note, just flows. Hard for me to believe this was made in the 19th century. I'm gonna use this look.

If anybody finds anything else by this Droyum cat, do me a favor and let me know.

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