Birdseye View of Denver, Colorado (1908)

Birdseye View Pub. Co.'s birdseye map of Denver, Colorado in 1908.

Birdseye View of Denver, Colorado
Birdseye View of Denver, Colorado image detail
Date: 1908
Author: Birdseye View Pub. Co.
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Here's an interesting birdseye of Denver [gmap] done for the Birdsdeye View Pub. Co. that's gotta be by the same, uncredited, mystery artist that made the map of Los Angeles that I like so much. I really like his style, and I wish I knew more about him (I'll go ahead and assume it was a “him”; I've not seen a birdseye of the era done by a female, unless there was a George Eliot sorta situation going on, which would be fantastic).

I wish I had both this and the Los Angeles maps at higher resolution. I'll keep my eye out; y'all do the same.

For more maps and images from this period in the region's history, visit the Colorado Historical Society.

Birdseye view of Denver image