Aeroplane View of Amarillo, Texas (1919)

E.E. Motter's birdseye map of Amarillo, Texas in 1912.

Aeroplane View of Amarillo, Texas
Aeroplane View of Amarillo, Texas image detail
Date: 1912
Author: E.E. Motter
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It's still hard to fathom, when you think about it, that we first achieved heavier-than-air powered flight in 1903, and then 66 years later – less than a single human lifetime later – we landed on the goddamn moon. Flying is amazing, and I think that we tend to take it for granted.

One person who didn't take it for granted? E.E. Motter must've thought that flight was pretty cool. Those dusty old Victorian birdseye illustrators would get none of his business. His was to be nothing less than an ”Aeroplane View” of the booming town of Amarillo [gmap], Texas.

Worked out pretty well, all told. It's a handsome map.

Aeroplane View of Amarillo, Texas image