Chinese Astronomic Map (1722)

Chinese wood-block print of the world. By Lü Weifan in 1722.

San cai yi guan tu
San cai yi guan tu  image detail
Date: 1722
Author: Lü Weifan
Dwnld: Full Size (5.9mb)
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Read the image's Imperfections Manifest page for a better understanding of this print.
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If anyone can help identify this amazing map, I'd appreciate it.

The Library of Congress record is an unhelpful mess of phonetically-spelled English-ized gibberish. Here's what we have to go on:

Wood block print. Relief shown pictorially. Primary coverage includes maps of China and the world, and astronomical map of the polar regions (northern and southern hemispheres). Includes chronological table of Chinese history (the dynasties), charts of the 8 phenomena, maps of the planets and their orbits, excerpts of Chinese classic literature (Daxue), etc., and other writings. Da Qing wan nian yi tong tian xia quan tu -- Tian di quan tu -- Nan bei liang ji xing tu.
It also claims that it is from Shaoxing [gmap].

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