White’s Map of New Orleans in 1814-1815

1814-15 New Orleans

White's Map of New Orleans in 1814-1815
White's Map of New Orleans in 1814-1815 image detail
Date: 1815
Author: Maunsel White
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Source: Library of Congress
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This map isn't part of any series, but we have other maps of Louisiana that you might want to check out.

Usually it's the French doing quirky watercolor-looking maps of the Mississippi Delta, but here an Irishman named Maunsel White is taking them on at their own game.

In New Orleans no less. What balls. Thats like going to Switzerland and setting up shop as a watchmaker, or going to Milan and hanging your shingle as a shoemaker; or going to London and opening a restaurant specializing in disgusting breakfasts.

For more map resources and imagery from this period in New Orleans's history, check out the Louisiana Historical Society's website.

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