Varle’s map of Philadelphia (1802)

To The Citizens Of Philadelphia This New Plan Of The City And Its Environs Is respectfully dedicated by C.P. Varle

Varle's map of Philadelphia (1802)
Varle's map of Philadelphia (1802) image detail
Date: 1802
Author: Charles P. Varle
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Source: Rumsey Map Collection
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C.P. Varle's map of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [gmap] 1802.

The description from the David Rumsey Map Collection reads as follows:

The city is shown from the Delaware River to the Schuylkil River with the environs on the north and south. 24 lettered references and 28 numbered references to important places and buildings are below the title and 24 wards are keyed in Roman numbers above the title. Many of the country houses and farms around the city are named, including Penn, Dr. Wistar, and other notable early residents. Three inset views show City Hall, the State House, Court House, Library, and Bank of the United States. The tile is surrounded by a decorative cartouche. The quality of the engraving is superb. Ristow mentions an undated edition that was possibly issued in the year Varle made the surveys, 1796, but more likely in 1802.
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