Hollywood Star Map – Golden Age Celebrities (1937)

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Hollywood Star Map (1937)
Hollywood Star Map (1937) image detail
Date: 1937
Author: Boggs
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Source: Library of Congress
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This map isn't part of any series, but we have other maps of California that you might want to check out.

Well, the Academy snubbed our film this year, but just to show that there's no hard feelings, here's a 1937 map to the homes and haunts of celebrities of the day.

The map is a joy to look at and is expertly rendered. On first examination it struck me that there was an aspirational, reverent, hagiographic sort of vibe going on -- which I suppose should come as no surprise in a way. But nonetheless it was a welcome reaffirmation that our current cultural gutter of actor-worship had its foundation poured quite a while ago, and can't be blamed, as it so often is, on the proverbial "kids these days".

The stars listed are (clockwise from upper-left):

Billy and Bobby Mauch [wiki]
Charles Boyer [wiki]
Janet Gaynor [wiki]
Leslie Howard [wiki]
Irene Dunne [wiki]
Robert Taylor [wiki]
Katherine Hepburn [wiki]
Clark Gable [wiki]
Greta Garbo [wiki]
Lionel Barrymore [wiki]
Barbara Stanwyck [wiki]
Joe E. Brown [wiki]
Norma Shearer [wiki]
James Cagney [wiki]
Marlene Dietrich [wiki]
Charlie Chaplin [wiki]
Shirley Temple [wiki]
Warner Baxter [wiki]
Jeanette MacDonald [wiki]
Richard Arlen [wiki]
Constance Bennett [wiki]
William Powell [wiki]
Jean Arthur [wiki]
Robert Young [wiki]
Claudette Colbert [wiki]
Ronald Colman [wiki]
Carole Lombard [wiki]
George Brent [wiki]
Joan Bondell
Dick Powell [wiki]
Jane Withers [wiki]
Maureen O'Sullivan [wiki]
Wallace Beery [wiki]
Grace Moore [wiki]
Edward Arnold [wiki]
Deanna Durbin [wiki]
James Stewart [wiki]
Bette Davis [wiki]
Robert Montgomery [wiki]
Joan Crawford [wiki]
Bing Crosby [wiki]
Ginger Rogers [wiki]
Fred Astaire [wiki]
Loretta Young [wiki]
Fredric March [wiki]
Claire Trevor [wiki]
Freddie Bartholemew
Spencer Tracy [wiki]
Mae West [wiki]
Paul Muni [wiki]
Myrna Loy [wiki]
Nelson Eddy [wiki]
Virginia Bruce [wiki]
Buddy Rogers [wiki]
Mary Pickford [wiki]
Franchot Tone [wiki]
Betty Furness [wiki]
Gary Cooper [wiki]
Marion Davies [wiki]
Cary Grant [wiki]

For more map resources and imagery from this period in Hollywood's history, check out the California Historical Society's website.

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