“Florida is Paradise Regained” map (1898)

The east coast of Florida is paradise regained.

Promotional map of Florida (1898)
Promotional map of Florida (1898) image detail
Date: 1898
Author: J.P. Beckwith
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Source: Library of Congress
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With a name like "The East Coast of Florida is Paradise Regained", J.P. Beckwith's illustration of Florida [gmap] was obviously made for promotional purposes. Promoting its own tourism industry is something that Florida has been quite good at, historically.

As a concession to composition, the Florida peninsula dominates a shrunken globe -- which if expanded into an earth-sized planet would make Florida a bit bigger than the entirety of South America.

The rest of the world is depicted as a hellish landscape of brooding storm clouds; the only respite from this enveloping gloom, it would seem, is the only place on the globe to receive direct sunlight: the east coast of Florida.

For more map resources and imagery from this period in Florida's history, check out the The Florida Historical Society's website.

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