Deacon’s Literary Map of Canada (1936)

Compiled by William Arthur Deacon; drawn and embellished by Stanley Turner; Printed in Canada by Rous and Mann Limited; Macmillan Company of Canada

A Literary Map of Canada (1936)
A Literary Map of Canada (1936) image detail
Date: 1936
Author: William Arthur Deacon
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Source: University of Toronto Library
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William Arthur Deacon's map of Canada [gmap] was produced in 1936, and attempts to catalog part of that nation's rich history with the written word.

A bit oversharpened, I'm afraid, but still very nice. If anyone has a line on the original map (or a better scan) please do pass it along.

A while ago, I posted a thread on AskMetafilter asking for seminal Midwestern (U.S.) literature. It was quite edifying. I'm similarly ignorant of Canada's literary tradition; so if anyone would like to hip me to some good "jumping-on" points, I'd be very appreciative.

A note of thanks:
This image is from the University of Toronto Map and Data Library, who are to be commended for doing the right thing and sharing their maps. It is my hope that other universities will come to share this progressive vision for the constructive stewardship of their collections. If you'd like to show your support for their level-headed and forward-thinking policies, one thing that I know would be apreciated would be to donate to their cause.

For more map resources and imagery from this period in Canada's history, check out the Archives Canada's website.

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