Ardmore, Indian Territory (Oklahoma) (1891)

T.M. Fowler's birdseye map of Ardomore, Indian Territory in 1891.
Birdseye view of Ardmore, Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
Birdseye view of Ardmore, Indian Territory (Oklahoma) image detail
Date: 1891
Author: T.M. Fowler
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An early Fowler print of Ardmore, Oklahoma [gmap], at the time named Ardmore, Indian Territory. Very low-angle perspective for a birdseye of this type, and I think the effect is a nice one.

Ardmore started as a farming town and was buoyed by the arrival of the Santa Fe R.R.; when declining soil fertility put the whole thing in a bind they made a smart choice in discovering a ton of oil nearby. It's at the junction of Interstate 35 and US-70 (Which is as unsung a gem of a U.S. highway as any. Skip 66 – don't believe the songs, Route 66 sucks – and take a trip on US-70).

For more maps and images from this period in the region's history, visit the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Birdseye view of Ardmore, Indian Territory (Oklahoma) image