B and M Birdseye Map of Philadelphia (1885)

Philadelphia in 1886

Burk and McFetridge's Birdseye of Philadelphia in 1885
Burk and McFetridge's Birdseye of Philadelphia in 1885 image detail
Date: 1886
Author: Burk and McFetridge
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Source: Library of Congress
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I don't like to complain about my first-world problems much, but boy was this Burk & McFetridge birdseye map of Philadelphia a pain in the ass to optimize. It's beautiful, though, so I soldiered through... but all-told I spent a couple hours on this thing.

Never got it perfect, but got it pretty close; if you wanna pick up the baton and wrassle with it, then by all means please do so with my great thanks, and my deep sympathy for the headache you're taking on.

Philadelphia, I hope you like the map. Show the BIG Map Blog some brotherly love and send it along to all of your friends.

For more map resources and imagery from this period in Philadelphia's history, check out the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's website.

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