Bonus Map: St Louis Bus Lines (2011)

St. Louis Bus Map - 2011

St. Louis Bus Map
St. Louis Bus Map - 2011 image detail
Date: 2011
Author: STL Metro
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Source: STL Metro
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This map is part of a series depicting the 40 largest cities in the United States (as ranked by CBSA). This series will run through the month of July.

The 59 King's hometown deserves a little extra attention. First check out the historical map I posted a couple minutes ago, and then get ready for something a bit more practical.

This map is so useful I just bookmarked my own goddamn website. (I ain't joking... I got a weird way of organizing things.)

Some of you have this whole thing well in-hand, but where are you smartphone motherfuckers when I'm waiting for a bus, huh? Well, this map is for the rest of us. I hope you put it to good use.

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