Historical Boundaries of Miami, Florida (1925)

Map of Miami by Douglass in 1925

US40 #7 MIAMI, FLORIDA (Historical Boundaries, 1925)
Map of Miami by Douglass in 1925 image detail
Date: 1925
Author: Douglass
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Source: Library of Congress
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This map is part of a series depicting the 40 largest cities in the United States (as ranked by CBSA). This series will run through the month of July.

This map of the historical boundaries of Miami, Florida [gmap] isn't the most beautiful. But it's informative and interesting.

I liked it quite a bit, at any rate.

Edit: Reader "Jason" correctly points out that the map dates from 1925 (not 1935 as I had first reported), and tries to illustrate projected growth by 1935.

Looks like there's some number-fudging going on, though, with their current [1925] estimates, and maybe some wild and optimistic speculation for their future [1935] estimates. Their decennial numbers for 1920 are spot-on at 29,571. Their "ToDay" [1925] figures claim 225,000 but were actually a third of that, and Miami fell short of the 1935 projection of a million people by about 870,000 people.

[No shame, though; I'm from St Louis -- a town that practically invented (and continues to refine) the whole "Ambitious and Bold Future Census Prediction that Looks Embarassing in Hindsight" idiom.]

Thumbnail of Historical Miami Census Figures

The six-page report thumbnailed above is a probably a pretty alright read for Miami history buffs, and can be downloaded here as a 680kb PDF. Thanks a ton, Jason, for spotting the error and bringing it to my attention. I'm glad to get the opportunity to correct mistakes.

For more map resources and imagery from this period in Miami's history, check out the Florida Historical Society's website.

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