Birdseye map of Jacksonville by Koch in 1874

US40 #40 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA (Birdseye Map, 1874, Koch)
Birdseye map of Jacksonville by Koch in 1874 image detail
Date: 1874
Author: Koch
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Source: Library of Congress
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This map is part of a series depicting the 40 largest cities in the United States (as ranked by CBSA). This series will run through the month of July.

This workmanlike and representative (if slightly unlovely) Koch birdseye of Jacksonville, Florida [gmap] kicks off our “40 Largest U.S. Cities” countdown.

Not content with 40th place, Jacksonville has the distinction of being, by area, the largest city in the continental U.S.

In 1968 the city of Jacksonville consolidated the entire county. Indianapolis did something very similar in 1970. There's talk of doing doing something similar in Detroit to help ease its woes. A similar idea crops up in my own city of St. Louis every so often, but is shot down by partisans from both sides of the city/county divide.

Not sure, past the basics, of the pros and cons of doing so. If you can break it down for me, shoot me an email.

A note on the map: Bustling waterfronts once again prove to be a birdseye map-maker's best friend, and there is some wonderful detail on the tall-masted ships of what is now Florida's third busiest port.

For more map resources and imagery from this period in Jacksonville's history, check out the Florida Historical Society's website.

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