USGS Topo of Charlotte, North Carolina (1908)

USGS Topographic Map of Charlotte in 1907

USGS Topographic Map of Charlotte in 1907 image detail
Date: 1908
Author: USGS
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Source: NC State Univ
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This map is part of a series depicting the 40 largest cities in the United States (as ranked by CBSA). This series will run through the month of July.

Well, here's a real dud; with apologies to the good people of Charlotte, North Carolina [gmap] I can only say that while deciding if you should forgive me, I hope you take into account the multiple hours I spent searching for a good map.

(Also: not to point any fingers, but one of y'alls local schools has a pretty great collection... and some pretty odious and outdated policies on sharing. I hope they fix this, and when they do, I'll sing their praises.)

This was the most frustrating city to search for in this whole “U.S. Top 40” series. I'm resolute in not allowing my frustration to irrationally transfer onto the city itself.

For more map resources and imagery from this period in Charlotte's history, check out the North Carolina Office of Archives and History's website.

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