Map of Los Angeles, California Rail Systems (1906)

Map of Los Angeles railway systems in 1906

US40 #2 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (Rail Systems, 1906)
Map of Los Angeles railway systems in 1906 image detail
Date: 1906
Author: LA Travel and Hotel Bureau
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Source: Library of Congress
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This map is part of a series depicting the 40 largest cities in the United States (as ranked by CBSA). This series will run through the month of July.

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I'm real keen on this railway map of Los Angeles, California [gmap]. It's in the sweet spot of useful, interesting, deep, well-designed, and gorgeous. It's rare that a map can hit all of those high points, so it's important that we recognize it when one does.

I was in LA recently for y'alls Film Festival. I stayed downtown. I guess I had never realized that LA had such a robust bus/light rail system. Seriously, Angelenos have the rep of being car-centric and unconcerned with public transit. But there it was; and it seemed pretty useful.

Then when I tried to discuss this with the people who live in LA, they thought it was crazy. They were way more averse to the idea of using public transit than I've seen in any other place. Folks in STL slag on riding the bus all the time, but those folks I talked to in LA had, like, third-hand horror stories about the inevitability of being beheaded within seconds of boarding a train. It was a trip.

Here the bogeyman against riding the bus boils down to race prejudice and class identity. But in LA, the people I talked to were on some sick, snuff-film-horror fantasy justification stuff. It was strange.

[tldr: the 59 King has now officially rated your public transit acceptance as "singularly deficient". LA, Step up your game.]

Also: here are some other Big Map Blog maps of Los Angeles.

Edit: The kind folks over at LA Taco have provided some real interesting context in their writeup about the map. So head over and check it out.

Also a good time to point out that I can only tell so much from a map -- even a map as information-rich as this one. The readers of this blog, steeped in the knowledge of the the histories of their own cities as many of them are -- are an endless source of personal edification, and they provide a great service when they send along information like this. It helps more than you know, and I'm always thankful when it happens.

For more map resources and imagery from this period in Los Angeles's history, check out the California Historical Society's website.

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