Vogel’s The Progress of St. Louis (1884)

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Henry F. Vogel's pen drawing of St. Louis from 1884.

The Progress of the City of St. Louis
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Date: 1884
Author: Henry F. Vogel
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Vogel's map of the Progress of the City of St. Louis [gmap], from 1884.

Ambitious, uncompromisingly determined, tragic-in-hindsight... I won't bore you with why. Modern-day STL could use a shot of this map's strong will and grit, a dose of this map's refined class, and maybe a sprinkle of this map's river traffic.

But if we want to busy our brightest young minds saving a Del Taco building, I mean. That's cool too, I guess. But once we get that done, y'all gotta promise me we'll work on the public schools, deal?

So says STL's proudest son: the 59 King. Peace, and take care of one another.

For more information about this period in St. Louis' history, visit the Missouri History Musuem.

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