Marshall Islands “Stick Maps” (1920s)

Marshall Islands Stick Map

Marshall Islands “Stick Map” (1920s)
Marshall Islands “Stick Map” (1920s) image detail
Date: 1920
Author: Unknown
Dwnld: 01 (11.57mb); 02 (11.1mb)
Source: Library of Congress
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This map isn't part of any series, but we have other Non-Western maps that you might want to check out.

Hard-core map geeks prolly already knew about this. But if you're a casual fan, or just starting out... this is one of the cooler map idioms you're likely to come across.

Behold the Stick Maps of the Marshall Islands [gmap].

Don't know much about the idiom, sadly. Somebody out there must've done a paper on them, or something, yeah?

Come on, academics! Search your fancy online journal databases and email me the PDF ( I won't tell nobody -- no worries. I'm dying to know more.

More Info: Twitter user @vWMaps pointed me towards a fantastic resource for further research. The University of Chicago Press has graciously provided PDFs of the series The History of Cartography. It's all worth a read, but the relevant chapter is titled "Nautical Cartography and Traditional Navigation in Oceania" and can be found in Volume 2, Book 3. Thanks, vWMaps.

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