Franquelin’s Map of the Mississippi River Valley (1682)

The Mississippi

Franquelin's Map of the Mississippi River Valley (1682)
Franquelin's Map of the Mississippi River Valley (1682) image detail
Date: 1682
Author: Jean Baptiste Louis Franquelin
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Source: Library of Congress
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My boy Jean Baptiste Louis Franquelin was high as hell when he made this. You can just tell.

Human-faced alligator with deer antlers? C'mon Jean. Don't play.

UPDATE: Loyal BIG Map Blog reader "Joe" points out in the comments section that the “Human-faced alligator with deer antlers” is, in fact, the legendary "Piasa Bird", pictured below. You'd think I'd have heard about it, living a couple of miles away as I do... but I guess I'm just thick.

Piasa Bird thumbnail

Many thanks to Joe for his eagle-eyes and his knowledge of history. Click the picture above to check out the Piasa Bird wikipedia article.

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