Four Maps of Guam. Bon Voyage, Ving. Be safe.

Four maps of Guam, for my good friends who are moving there.

Four Maps of Guam
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These maps are for my friend Vince8, who is moving to Guam with his old lady. It won't be a part of any series because I don't think he gives a shit about maps, and I'm not sure if the internet has made it to Guam yet.

So my good friend Phil Dinner is moving to Guam [gmap] here in a week, and we'll sure miss him.

LaVell's wife is in the Air Force, and she got the word that she's shipping out to Guam. Now, I didn't even know we were at war with Guam; but that just shows how little I pay attention to current events I guess. I know she's a brave gal, and I know I like her a ton, and I know she's fighting for my freedom. That's about the limit of my understanding of this whole situation.

So Peach & K., here's hoping that the Guamians see the error of their ways and discuss armistice terms and get back to making that square bottled water. If they don't, then lace your boots tight, get in that foxhole and show 'em that these colors don't run. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

If all goes well we'll be welcoming you back by Christmas with a ticker-tape victory parade down Market Street. I'm planning on getting the attention of a Life photographer and then grabbing a random nurse and kissing her. I can then pay the civil settlement she brings against me out of the publishing royalties for the photograph.

(Which is not at all to say that I don't think that the kiss would be a welcomed one -- I'm a pretty handsome guy; and I'd make sure consent issues were ironed-out to both parties' satisfaction before initiating, in any case -- it's just to indicate that nurses are notoriously litigious.)

Good luck and godspeed to one of the best friends a guy could ever have. I love you like a brother and I hope to see you soon. -t59K

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