Cresques’ Catalan Atlas – World Maps (1387)

Atlas Catalan de 1375

Abraham Cresques' “Catalan Atlas” World Map (1387)
Abraham Cresques' “Catalan Atlas” World Map (1387) image detail
Date: 1387
Author: Abraham Cresques
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Source: Library of Congress
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Here's the latest installment of Multi-Map Monday.

Famed 14th-Century Jewish cartographer Abraham Cresques produced no other maps that we can trace, conclusively, to his hand; but who needs any other work when you are the author of the amazing Catalan Atlas -- the most famous work of what was much later to be called the Majorcan Style of mapmaking.

The Palma, Majorca [gmap] native not only made some of the most beautiful maps of his day, but also was a watchmaker and maker of seafaring instruments.

To call it beautiful would be an understatement; the craft that went into these works is hard to overstate. For my money, one of the most appealing maps on the entire site.

Edit: Just found some good analysis on the Catalan Atlas on a blog titled Geographer at Large. Was a pleasure reading it, and exciting to come across a new (to me) geog/maps blog. Looking forward to exploring it further.

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