Dyer’s Birdseye view of Phoenix (1885)

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C.J. Dyer's birdseye map of Phoenix, Arizona. Made in 1885.

Birdseye view of Phoenix
Birdseye view of Phoenix image detail
Date: 1885
Author: C.J. Dyer
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When C.J. Dyer drew this birdseye map of Phoenix, Arizona [google map] in 1885, the town had a population of around 3,000 people. After posting many decades of strong growth throughout the 20th century, the town has swelled to it's current size of 1.45 million people [2010]

The map is quite well-done, and I'll advise you to pay special attention to the title (center, bottom) which is among the more handsome and creative title treatments that I've come across. For more map resources and imagery from this period in Phoenix's history, check out the Arizona Historical Society's Library and Archives.

[I'm seeing some conflicting reports as to whether Mr. Dyer released this under his own imprint or for the Schmidt, Label & Lithography Co. – t59k]

...also, just noticed this: is that an irrigation ditch running parallel to Van Buren St., or is that some sort of navigable canal? Anyone know? – t59k

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