Pacific (formerly Franklin), Missouri (1868)

A. Ruger's Birdseye map of Franklin, Missouri in 1869.

Birdseye view of Franklin, Missouri
Birdseye view of Franklin, Missouri image detail
Date: 1869
Author: A. Ruger
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This birdseye map of Pacific, Missouri [gmap] is by-the-book early Ruger; handsome and solid. Some random notes: 1.)the alternate spelling, ”Missoury” had to have been stylistic and intentional, yes? and 2.) I'm no marketing whiz, but if you keep going around saying ”XXXXX” (formerly “YYYYY”) doesn't that just ensure that nobody fully commits to “XXXXX”? C'mon, Pacific... just rip it off like a band-aid.

Pacific is also host to a high-school wrestling tournament; and I'd be personally very shocked if the folks there are not still talking about that one belly-to-back suplay thrown by a young 135-pounder in the early 1990s to keep his opponent in-bounds. I mean, sure, it was in the consolation bracket, but the amplitude was staggering.

For more maps and images from this period in the region's history, visit the Missouri History Museum.

Birdseye view of Franklin, Missouri image