Birdseye view of Kansas City, Missouri (1869)

A. Ruger's Birdseye map of Kansas City, Missouri in 1869.

Birdseye view of Kansas City, Missouri
Birdseye view of Kansas City, Missouri image detail
Date: 1869
Author: A. Ruger
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This map isn't part of any series, but we have other Missouri maps that you might want to check out.

This birdseye map of Kansas City, Missouri [gmap] isn't bad at all, but it's a touch off from the usual quality of other Ruger prints. Fear, not, Kansas Cityans, there are other Kansas City birdseyes available, so don't say a guy from St. Louis never did anything for you.

(Or does that whole “We hate Other City” thing only go one way, in this case? Seems like it might, because here in STL we sometimes have sort of a chip-on-our-shoulder inferiority thing going on... if I'm just being honest. I really like your city and would love to spend some more time there. [and I really hate the notion of and the effects caused by an unbalanced MLB schedule... but the pragmatist in me would support expansion of the Royals/Cards series to oh, 18 games? I'm not saying they're gimmies, but, well... they help out])

[What??! I was talking about attendance!]

[No I wasn't.]

For more maps and images from this period in the region's history, visit the Missouri History Museum.

Birdseye view of Kansas City, Missouri image