Birdseye view of Brigham City, Utah (1875)

E.S. Glover's birdseye map of Brigham City, Utah in 1875.
Birdseye view of Brigham City, Utah
Birdseye view of Brigham City, Utah image detail
Date: 1875
Author: E.S. Glover
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My boy Glover, whose work is occasionally dodgy and occasionally brilliant, hits one out of the park, compositionally, with this map of Brigham City, Utah [gmap] from the vantage point of the Wellsville Mountains.

The decision to feature the salt flat [now a bird refuge] was no doubt partially owed to the local topography – I'm sure that as a birdseye map illustrator one takes advantage of whatever mountains one has. This site happened to have good mountains on one side, and not much on the other. But to take it to this extent?! To give it the upper two-thirds! That's crazy, and I bet the mayor didn't like it one bit. (Either that or the mayor was a highly-cultured epicurean with great taste, loved it, and would resent my assumption that he was some desert-hobo-philistine).

Either way, I think it worked out great.

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Birdseye view of Brigham City, Utah image