Birdseye Map of Columbia, Missouri (1869)

A. Ruger’s Birdseye map of Columbia, Missouri in 1869.

Birdseye view of Columbia, Missouri
Birdseye view of Columbia, Missouri image detail
Date: 1869
Author: A. Ruger
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Here’s the town where your Big Map Curator the 59 King went to school; I spent six years at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri [gmap]. In six years, a person might find himself or herself with a couple degrees, or one really useful one — but t59K didn’t end up with either. Seems like a lot of people running a lot of hustles in higher-education.

Watch out, kids.
–t59K [BA, Geog, 2002]

(Town looks pretty much the same. Doesn’t look like all that much has changed.)

For more maps and images from this period in the region’s history, visit the Missouri History Museum.

Birdseye view of Columbia, Missouri image